Healing Lineage at Lake Pilates

Healing Lineage at Lake Pilates:  Teachings of Unity

      We come into this life with a family structure.  Our first teachings about relationships, love, politeness (or lack there of), values, desires, and interaction come from this family unit.  All of these affect us for the positive or negative, and all of it is meant to teach us.  We learn how to love more deeply, how to forgive, how to be considerate of the needs of ourselves and others, how to communicate, and how to protect ourselves.  When we understand all of these teachings are divinely guided, the question, “God, what do you want me to learn?” can be so valuable, and can move us through conflict very quickly.

      Healing lineage can be painful, to know the people who are closest to you, who are supposed to love you and look out for your best interest are the ones who are hurting you can be heart wrenching.  And the heartache, body pains, or triggers may not feel relative to this lifetime.  The root cause could be generations ago. When we realize we are all connected, we are all one, the concept of a microcosm, and macrocosm can be deeply healing.  When I realized I contained the entire universe in my heart, I realized I could also heal anything in the universe in my own heart by praying and asking God for healing where that dynamic lived in my own heart.  That level of self-responsibility can be a tough pill to swallow.  Especially if the dynamic is less than pretty.  To say to God, “Dear God, forgive me where this exists in me” can be difficult, and liberating.  We are the only thing in this world we can change.  Our ability to affect change outside of ourselves is limited, but our ability to affect change within ourselves is unlimited.  Praying for our parents, our siblings, and extended family members regularly can clean karma and release us from negative patterns that have been handed down from generation to generation unconsciously until they are brought to the light and corrected with love, consciousness, and a sincere intention to heal past hurts.  Praying for family members can feel cumbersome, especially if they have been unkind to us, and it is the healing balm that releases us from the hurt.  When you understand God wants us to be in constant conversation with Him/Her, you would then realize conflict is the perfect way to get us knocking on God’s door asking for help.

      Families are like a tree to which, all of humanity has branches.  We are all connected.  As my spiritual teacher, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Jamal taught we all have one Mother and one Father, Adam and Eve, making us all brothers and sisters.  Adam was created in God’s light containing all of the Divine Qualities of God.  To know the names of God, to realize and embody the names of God is to experience the teachings of Adam.

      When you find yourself looking at a conflict within your family unit, in your mind’s eye, at that moment, observe your thoughts.  What are you focused on?  Are you meditating on God?  Or meditating on the conflict within your family?  Returning your witnessing to the Light of God will give you peace in your heart.  

1) Return:  Taking your attention away from the conflict and back to remembering God is the first step.  Make the prayer, “Oh God, please forgive me for witnessing this conflict instead of keeping my eyes on You.  Please return my gaze back to You.”

2) Supplicate:  Make a prayer for each of the family members in the conflict.  Ask God, “I place this family member in Your Hands, please heal this family member, this dynamic in your Highest Good.  Please help us to know love, forgiveness, and receive the deeper teaching.  Please help us to walk straight and and as close to You as possible.  Please help us to Know Your Love.”

3) Receive:  Rest.  Breathe and feel the Divine Response.  The Divine Response may be experienced like a text message to your heart, a pulse of guidance.  Trust what you receive.  Maybe you feel the urge to call someone, write a letter, or make a date.  Connection is key in relationship.  Reconciliation happens when one person is willing to put down the defenses or offenses, and meet the other person.  

      If the dynamic between both people is unsafe physcially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually your responsibility is to yourself first.  Know that you have the right to protect yourself and ask for God’s protection.  If the situation is unsafe do your best to leave the unsafe situation and establish safety for yourself.  Staying in an unsafe situation perpetuates trauma and does not serve to heal lineage issues.  Making the statement, “you are not allowed to hurt me” is appropriate, and taking steps to end violence physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually is necesary.  Seek help from friends, family, or trusted counselors who are trained to help people unhook from violence.

      Once you have left the unsafe situation seeking healing through Spiritual Healing and Craniosacral Therapy can prove beneficial for unpacking the pain, resentment, anger, woundedness, or hurt feelings.  In a safe and sacred space you can say honestly how being in that relationship made you feel.  Being honest with yourself about your emotions repairs safety and trust within yourself.  When you feel safe in your own skin, and able to trust yourself, then being in safe and trusting relationships gets easier.  Asking yourself if you trust God is a valuable question, because being able to receive Divine Assistance can feel scary if you don’t trust God.  Asking God, please help me to put my trust and faith in You, can help you to repair your relationship with God.  When you trust in God’s committment to provide for you, you can recieve the Divine Downpouring.  Unmet needs are common in healing conflict interpersonally.  Identifying your needs, and supplicating to God is part of moving forward.  When you understand God is the only one who can meet needs, your expectations of your family changes.

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copyright Hawa Robin Cahn 8/8/18

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