Soul Surfing at Lake Pilates

 Be the mercy. What is mercy? Our society has gotten so far away from the understanding of mercy and compassion, people are starving for it. In a deep way when I understand my mission here on Earth, I feel a sense of relief. Do you feel relief when you think about your mission here on Earth? Or are you unsure what your purpose here is? If you feel stressed, taking a closer look is in order for you.

      When you take a closer look at your life, not just reflect, but ask God for guidance. Ask God, “Am I living my life in accordance with Your Will for me?”. If you hear no, it’s a tough pill to swallow, I understand I have been there. Answers are soon to follow as soon as we start asking the right questions. In this blog, I will provide a couple of leading questions that are just the beginning. Approaching God on a daily basis for a daily download is possible with a regular prayer and exercise program.

      What does exercise have to do with prayer? For me, it relaxes my body so I can hear the soft voice of my heart. When we breathe long, slow, and deep, like what is required in a thorough workout, we center ourselves. What does it mean to be centered? It means filling your body with oxygen so much that it fills your body with energy all the way from your head to your toes. It means breathing all the way down your spine into your pelvis. It means becoming aware of your heart space.

      What is so special about the heart? The heart is the doorway to Divine Consciousness. When we learn that the answers are not in our heart, but we must travel through our heart to receive Divine Guidance, we start to understand that there are other planes of existence that we can travel to through the heart to achieve higher consciousness.

      What does it mean to be a soul surfer? The more we approach God asking for clarity on our life purpose and our daily tasks that help us to fulfill our purpose the more our soul opens. When the soul opens there is a down pouring of Light from God. Messages come to us on the currents of Divine Light. Receiving those messages is what I call soul surfing.

      In a deep way your soul will feel at peace when receiving messages from God. Any fear or agitation is a good indication that the message you received is not from God. Although asking God for guidance is easy, perceiving the Divine Response can be a challenge. It requires us to purify our hearts and let go of how we think life should be, as well as our fears surrounding what we don’t want in life. The more we approach God and ask for guidance, God will teach us ways to purify our hearts, senses, and intuition so we can hear, see and feel the Divine Response more clearly. This can take many years for some, and happen quickly for others.

      Consistency is key, in exercise and prayer. Have you ever heard someone compare these practices to drinking water? Water is something you have to drink everyday. You wouldn’t say, “Oh I drank water yesterday, I don’t need any today.”! Prayer and exercise are the same. A daily habit that hydrates our souls, and fills us with the Mercy and Love that God wants to shower down upon us.

      Maybe you already have a daily dialogue with God, that’s great! And if you are not sure where to start, I recommend a Spiritual Healing and Counseling session at Lake Pilates. Alignment with God, and alignment in the body go hand in hand. Private sessions at Lake Pilates include a postural assessment, breath coaching, movements to align the body, and prayers to open to Spirit. Often I will send people home with a prayer practice and a short exercise program upon which we will build with time.

      Time is precious. The more I pray, the more I am shown the ways I waste time in ways that exhaust me rather than in ways that feed me. I am passionate about making positive shifts in my life that refine how I spend my time in more loving ways. Connection, commitment, and compassion are the way forward. Schedule a private session to go deeper into your journey of soul surfing. Even one session can be a springboard for you to make positive changes.

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