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Why workout with a fitness professional?

Posted on May 10, 2016 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (544)

Why workout with a fitness professional?

There are so many options for fitness nowadays, videos, gyms, classes.  Why should you schedule a private session with Lake Pilates?  

Accountability, passion, and excitement are all elements of making your workout fun and consistent.  When you schedule an appointment with me for a workout, you are also scheduling an appointment with yourself, prioritizing yourself, and carving out time in your scedule to exercise.  Consistency, meeting 2-3 times a week is ideal, but even meeting once a week can jumpstart your fitness lifestlye.

I am in love with anatomy, movement, and good alignment.  Exercising with less than optimal alignment can cause injuries and wear and tear in your joints and muscles overtime, taking you further away from your fitness goals.  Optimal alignment and good form are hugely important for safe exercise.  After 14 years in the fitness industry, I can sense when your muscles are properly firing or not.  And I know which exercises to choose to safely and gradually strenghthen and stretch your muscles.  Improved posture is a natural effect of stimulating the muslces to support your skeleton.  

Some students have said that I have "x-ray vision", becuase I can see the alignment of your bones, and how your muscles are pulling on your bones.   I think about what would be the best way to bring the body to balance.  Each session starts with a postural check, and I ask, "what does your body need today?".  Your program unfolds from there revealing the exercises and movements that would be essential for you.

Balancing the body front and back, right and left, upper and lower is a part of good programing.  Incorporating side bending, twisting, internal and external rotation of the shoulder and hip joints, and expoloring movements that the body does not do on a daily basis.  The body has a huge potential of movement choices.  When we walk, bike, or sit, mostly our movements are forwards and backwards, and eventually our range of motion in the joints and spine decreases.  Some say that limited range of motion is due to age, but truthfully, limited range of motion is due to lack of movement; not using our full potential of motion on a daily and weekly basis.  The more you use it, the less you lose it is the saying for maintaining healthy range of motion in the body.

Progressions are a great way to make exercise fun and creative.  Once you master the basics and have a solid movement foundation and vocabulary, adding progressions keeps your mind and body guessing.  Layering the movements prevents you from getting bored.  Workouts that are too intense and leave the body too sore can be stressful over time, leading to burnout.  Although exercise is good stress on the body, gradual progressions are the secret to daily movement and improvement.  The variations are endless.

Making exercise a daily habit can lift moods, decrease musculoskeletal pain, and increase health and resilience.  Looking forward to seeing you on the mat.

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