Meditation and Mindfulness

Medicine for the Soul

Seek Love

Find Love

Surrender in Peace

Align Yourself with Love

Divine Mission

Loving Service to the One


Meditation guides us to align with peace, love, and Divine Caring.


Mindfulness allows the mind to rest in the heart.


Chanting attunes the nervous system and heals the voice.


Breathing oxygenates the brain, opening the mind to elevated thinking.


Meditation and mindfulness are medicine for the soul.  Seek peace, and find peace.  Seek love, and find love. Seek God, and find a light inside that guides to goodness, transcendent love, and above all surrender. 

Deep surrender to Divine Love melts away images from our past and allows us to be present with the Divine Qualities of Love. Learning through the Divine Qualities our Divine Mission of Loving Service to the One becomes apparent.

Float in the Ocean of Love


Let kindness bloom in your heart.


Using somatic therapy to heal the body from trauma, Hawa teaches meditation and mindfulness to be present with what is. As we acknowledge how we truly feel we gain clarity as to what we need. Learning how to ask for what we want is a skill set that takes practice. Practice being in the divine flow.

Love is a lifelong lesson

Understanding yourself is a key in life that opens doors to love.  Take time to listen to your own heart so that you may be more compassionate towards yourself and your fellow human beings.

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