Concierge Fitness

Work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Pilates is a full body workout focusing on breathing and core.

Hawa Robin Cahn

In the fitness industry for 20 years, Hawa is a movement healing expert.




Core Assessment

Would you like to receive a Core Assessment?

Diaphragmatic breathing, pelvic floor health, and your abdominal strength are all connected.

Receive a Core Assessment to determine strength, endurance, and coordination.

Full Body Focus

Explore therapeutic Pilates & Pelvic Bowl Meditations for a full body workout.

Reconnect with your core physically and spiritually.

Understand which movements and meditations are most healing for your body.


Resolve Trauma

A blend of Pilates and Craniosacral Therapy resolves trauma.

As you move from one chapter of life to the next, receive support for your nervous system.

Feel better in your body.



Lake Pilates owner Hawa Robin Cahn assesses your body, and chooses the Pilates exercises that are the best for you.

The results of practicing Pilates correctly are ease of movement, strength, and flexibility. 

You will float out of your workouts feeling pain free and happy. 

Take time for yourself so you can show up in your life taller, stronger, and feeling powerful.

Tone your body the Pilates way.

Hawa combines Pilates with Yoga and Strength Training for a fusion style workout.


Practicing Pilates for over twenty years, Hawa has 2 Pilates certifications, 3 Yoga certifications, a BFA in Ballet and a Master's in Divinity. Hawa is certified in Craniosacral Therapy.
Excited to share her knowledge, expertise, and education with you, feeling better in your body is her goal for you.

with love,


60 minute sessions at your home.


Pilates, Yoga, and Strength Training.


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Beginner and intermediate levels are welcome.

with love

No prior experience required.


Our values at Lake Pilates are peace, love, and mutual respect.

Pain free fitness is our focus.

Pain Free Fitness

Practicing Pilates is the secret to pain free fitness.  When you combine Pilates with Craniosacral Therapy and spiritual healing you can resolve body pains caused by car accidents, giving birth, and falls.  Postpartum core rehab is one of our specialties as well as healing low back pain, neck pain, and joint pain.