Spiritual Healing & Counseling

Travel Spiritually through the doorway of your heart

Your heart is a doorway...

Learning how to travel spiritually through the heart is a meditation that puts you face to face with Divine Love. 

In your essence you are love.

Soul Healing...

Find resolution to pain that has a root cause in your soul. 

If you have tried every physical remedy for pain with no relief, the root cause may be found in the layers of your soul. 

Explore soul healing for true healing.

A Secret Awaits in the heart of your soul

Explore Forgiveness...

Learn active forgiveness for true resolution. 

The word forgiveness can also mean return to love, mercy, and compassion. 

With forgiveness meditations doors to heaven fly open allowing us to experience heaven on Earth.

Divine Destiny...

Your destiny is written on the fabric of your soul.

Asking key questions in meditation reveals your divine destiny.

When we fulfill our destiny we feel contentment that is incomparable.

Understand your destiny brings happiness

Schedule Spiritual Healing & Counseling...

Live on Zoom from the comfort of your home or in person at Lake Pilates in Pompano Beach.

60 minute sessions are recommended for Spiritual Healing & Counseling to allow time for nervous system balancing, setting intentions, going through the layers of the heart and soul, and coming to resolution.

Ask Questions...

Big picture questions are key for spiritual growth. 

Questions such as,

“Who am I?” 

“What is my divine destiny?”


“What is the healing for me?”

When we approach Creator sincerely and politely our path is illuminated with love.

Creator calls you


To hear the voice of the Divine takes work, spiritual practice, and daily meditation.

When we call out to God, God responds to us.

Receive Spiritual Healing & Counseling to develop your subtle awareness.