Welcome to Lake Pilates

Private Pilates

One on one Pilates for 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

No prior experience necessary.

Heal from chronic pain, injuries, and long term stress.

with Hawa

Hawa has been teaching Pilates for over 20 years.

She is an intuitive teacher healing injuries and chronic pain.

Anatomy focused Pilates reveals insight into healing your body.

Fitness Focus

Get a full body workout.

Lengthen and strengthen your body.

Use the Balanced Body Studio Reformer and Tower.

Breathing is Everything

Understand the coordination of breath and movement.

Cellular detox from breathing promotes weight loss.

Spine health is directly related to breathing mechanics.

Aging Gracefully

Posture is improved with Pilates.

Muscle tone is key for bone health.

Beautiful posture and toned muscles.


Prepare yourself for the 600 hour Pilates Certification.

Set yourself up for success to teach Pilates.

Complete 20 preliminary Pilates sessions in order to apply.