Yoni Eggs for Spiritual Seekers

How using a Yoni Egg for prayer and meditation has healed me.

As some of you already know I am pelvis obsessed.  Breathing deeply into the pelvic bowl, all of my Pilates classes start with pelvic tilts.  I am a passionate educator about the bones and muscles of the pelvis, and true embodiment includes the root. Although having a solid foundation is key, I am learning many women are disconnected from their root, the base of their pelvis, and have uncomfortable feelings around this area. Is it ok to spend this much time examining my root?

Yes! Although moving through embarrassment, shame, guilt, fear, anger, and rage can be uncomfortable, scary, or even “ugh” feeling, the health that is uncovered is euphorically, orgasmically, ecstatically worth it!

Starting many years ago with pelvic bowl meditations by Tami Lynn Kent, I took small and close together stepping stone steps over years that led me to a weekly if not monthly practice of self-vaginal massage and the use of a Yoni Egg. Most of my exploration took place in my bath tub. Bathing with salts and essential oils is my simple way of giving myself spa like luxury a couple of times a week. I always ask my body for permission before doing any of these practices, and no is always respected. Creating this dialogue with myself, has in turn made it easier for me to have these conversations with others. I realized to be in integrity and truth with myself and others, I needed to know within myself what I am cool with and what I am not cool with. And then listen, follow, and follow through. Yes renegotiation is a thing, such as asking myself, “what do I need to feel safe to move forward?”  And checking in with God to make sure I am in alignment with God’s will for me.

My explorations with the Yoni Egg were inspired by Tiffany Janay, who has a straight forward, and reverent approach to working consciously with the Yoni Egg. Check out her videos on care, communication with, and use of the Yoni Egg. https://www.yonieggs.com/ufaq-category/yoni-egg-care-use/” target=”_blank”>www.yonieggs.com/ufaq-category/yoni-egg-care-use/

Our life experiences are stored as memories in our tissue. I have found that working with crystals raises our vibration, and allows us to release these imprints uncovering the life lesson or teaching, and allowing us to move forward with wisdom. Living a successful life in my opinion is to look at your life lessons, receive them, and release the memory returning it to God. Often in times of conflict or trauma we are caught looking at the event, trying to make sense of it, and our focus shifts away from God to witness the event.  Almost like what happens when you drive by a car accident, you can’t help but look.  In supplicating to God, raising our vibrations, breathing, meditating, and asking for healing, the event becomes a doorway to return to witnessing God. The event or memory clears and what is left is God’s Qualities manifest.

On a physical level, using the Yoni egg increased my proprioception of the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.  The results were a softening of the whole pelvic region, a dynamic awakeness, and a suppleness in my root or core. Often women have areas of numbness or lack of sensation which equals an inability to engage the pelvic floor muscles equally 360 degress around. Practicing kegel exercises or pelvic floor engagement while wearing a Yoni egg increased my awareness, deepened my understanding of how the pelvic floor and deep abdominals are related, and helped me to flatten my lower abdominals more, because I was engaging more deeply. When I say engaging more deeply I don’t mean using more force. I find a light 3-5 percent engagement of the pelvic floor is sufficient and activates the deep abdominals, transversus abdominus as well.  The pelvic floor muscles have the ability to engage at different percentages of effort, and varying degrees of control depending on the muscle fibers recruited.  Fun exercises like the elevator can help you to understand how our muscles engage and release on a continuum of varying percentages of effort. If you imagine engaging your pelvic floor muscles like you are going up an elevator the first floor being 2% effort and the 5th floor being 10% effort, you can learn to vary and control different percentages of effort and muscular engagement. Often women who I speak to can engage but lack either endurance or control in the pelvic floor muscles, all of which comes with practice, time, and getting comfortable to be willing to explore self-massage and the use of either weights or a Yoni egg.

 As I used my Yoni egg, I discovered muscular control higher up in the vaginal wall towards the cervix than I had before.

Do you have to use a Yoni Egg to heal? No. Did it accelerate my healing? Yes. And not only did it accelerate my healing, but I watched layers of trauma clear within seconds of inserting the egg. Understanding the vagina is a doorway from the spiritual realms to the physical world, Divine wisdom unfolded and was revealed to me. As a spiritual seeker, there was a satisfaction of traveling through this doorway and the knowledge I received in meditation was so profound it made me say, “This is why I seek”.

For a while I thought to myself, this is my own personal, private practice, I don’t need to tell people, I am meditating with a crystal egg in my vagina. My own sense of shyness, appropriateness, and desire not to expose myself is alive and well. And I realized as my clients started asking questions that this work is needed, and I would be doing them a disservice by not sharing these tools. I feel women need to have this knowledge.

In my need to be in the deep polite, legally safe and not recommend practices to women that aren’t safe, after all what I do in the privacy of my own home and what I recommend for my clients is two different things. I did speak with a Physical Therapist. She warned me that crystals are porous and capable of carrying bacteria. Proper care and cleansing is essential. I can share with you in my use of Dr. Bronner’s soap to clean my egg before and after I use it. And pouring lightly simmering water with salt over my yoni egg in a tea cup before and after. As well as using alcohol for disinfection. I have never had any issues with bacteria.

In closing be truthful, honest, and authentic with yourself. Dialogue with your body and ask permission, “is this practice in the highest good for me?” Ask God for guidance. And become your own physician. Educate yourself, meditate and ask for wisdom and guidance, and over all develop your intuition so you know what is the best for you.

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